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10 Things to Know About Woodwinds Trash & Recycling Regulations

  1.  Trash regulations are part of the disclosure packet provided to all Woodwinds owners and are in effect from the time owners purchase their units. Regulations apply equally to owners and renters; owners are accountable for trash violations associated with their units.
  2. Woodwinds Association provides trash and recycling pick-up service for your convenience during scheduled times (your monthly association dues pay for this). You are responsible for trash disposal and recycling at all other times.
  3. Trash is picked up on Mondays and Thursdays. Recycling pick-ups are Thursdays only.
  4. Trash may not be put out before 8:00 pm the nights before trash pick-ups or after 6:00 am on the mornings of trash pick-ups. Do not set your trash out just because “it’s dark outside.”
  5. Your trash is your responsibility until it is on the garbage truck or at the dump. You may take your excess trash and recycling to the nearest waste disposal location on West Ox Road. Visit http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/living/recycling for more information.
  6. If your trash is still at the curb at the end of trash day, you must retrieve it – it’s still your responsibility. Contact the property manager to find out if a special pick-up has been arranged. Don’t assume that someone else will take care of your trash and don’t leave it until the next scheduled pick-up.
  7. Common area trash receptacles are not to be used for the deposit of your personal trash that accumulates between regularly scheduled trash pick-ups. They are intended for the disposal of incidental trash, litter picked up around the community, and bagged pet waste.
  8. Cardboard is not trash. Do not set trash at the curb in cardboard boxes – it will not be picked up. Cardboard boxes should be flattened and set out with recyclable materials. (Pizza boxes are an exception; cardboard that comes in contact with food is NOT recyclable; pizza boxes should be placed in plastic trash bags for pick-up.)
  9. Disregarding the trash regulations has an impact – it detracts from the appearance of the community, attracts rats and ravens, and presents other health hazards.
  10. If this notice were mailed by our management company, it would have cost over $425 and would have been paid out of your association dues. The Board is working to keep the community clean and attractive – please help us.
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