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Brick Cleaning Project

It an effort to improve the exterior appearance of our buildings ( to clean up moss and build-up on the brick exterior), Cutting Edge Co. and its subcontractors are in the process of cleaning the bricks in the next several days.

The initial plan was to clean during the day when most residents would not be home allowing for the crew to be able to freely park equipment and minimize disruption, however, COVID-19 has changed those plans as with the original schedule of building cleaning order.

Notices have been posted on all main entrance doors and everyone’s cooperation would be greatly appreciated to complete this project as planned.

  • Please be prepared to move your vehicle(s) when the crew needs to clean your building if they require to move the equipment in to that space. DO NOT PARK ALONG THE FIRE LANES, please park in a parking space.
  • Please REMOVE plants, and or any objects that maybe impacted by the water and the cleaning solution during the cleaning.
  • The cleaning solution contains small amounts of chlorine to remove algae and moss. Faint smell may be detected but should dissipate within few hours.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation to collectively help improve our community.

UPDATE: We have had to postpone the rest of the community cleaning to this upcoming Summer or Fall.

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