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Resident Resources

For community news, alerts, and to communicate with other residents of Woodwinds, please join our community at TownSq.

Dues & Assessment for Unit Owners


Trash & Recycling – ALL RESIDENTS

Water Shut-off 

Architectural Changes

Architectural Changes & Satellite Installation Requests must be approved by Reston Association .

Those changes include windows, doors, exterior lighting, and patio modifications, and etc. that may not have been explicitly written out. You can obtain the proper form on Reston Association’s website by clicking on the link above.

Please reach out to Diana Fritts, SCS Property Manager FIRST, for information and guidance before planning or proceeding with ANY project that changes the architecture of the unit or changes in the the community including landscaping. Permission must be obtained as the community grounds are not owned by individual units.

If you are contacting Diana via email, please cc the board as well.

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