No trash pick-up on Thanksgiving

There will be no trash pickup on Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 24.  Hold trash for the next regular pickup on Monday, November 28.

As always, household trash should not be placed in the outside bins or the cans at the pavilion.  They won’t be emptied on Thanksgiving either.  If you have too much trash to keep in your unit, you must make your own arrangements for disposal.


Emergency Water Shut Off

Resident at 2120 Green Watch Way, #100 had a kitchen pipe burst this morning.  Kiddco is on the way and will be shutting off the water very soon.  Please take proper precautions until the burst pipe issue is resolved.

August Meeting Minutes Posted

The board meeting minutes from the August meeting have been approved and posted.  Please see Documents, Minutes & Operations for all meeting minutes.

New Trash Service and Recycling Day

Woodwinds has changed trash and recycling pick-up services.  American will replace Republic starting Thursday, Sept. 1.

Trash pick-up days will remain Monday and Thursday.


Recycling will now be on Monday!  American will pickup recycling on Thursday, Sept. 1.  However, starting Monday, Sept. 5, recycling will only be picked up on Monday’s.

In addition, everyone has received a recycling bin.  If you do not want a recycling bin, please place it on the curb on Thursday, Sept. 1 and American will pick it up.  Empty recycling bins will be picked-up while full ones will be left for residents.

Please be patient as we transition to a new service.

Dryer Duct Cleaning Sept. 6, 7 and 8

Woodwinds has contracted Potomac Services to clean out all dryer ducts.  This is typically done from the outside and goes as far as the equipment reaches.  For this cleaning, Potomac Services will also clean the duct from the dryer (inside your unit) all the way to the outside.  This will ensure a thorough cleaning of the ducts and there is no charge to residents.     

If you do not want this service, no action is required; cleaning from the outside will still be done.  If you DO want this service, you must schedule an appointment and you must be home to allow the contractor access to your dryer duct.

Sign-up for this service is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Visit the appointment site and schedule your appointment.

Appointments are every 30 minutes from 8 am to 5 pm.

After the cleaning, new bird guards will be installed on the outside vents to keep creatures out.

Water Shut Off at 2100-2110 GWW

Water needs to be shut-off at 2100-2110 Green Watch Way for extended period of time on Monday, August 29.  Loree Rusk, Sentry Property Manager, will be onsite during the work to ensure water it shut off, and back on, at the appropriate time.  Work is being completed on the main water pipe that serves the building.  Kiddco doesn’t expect the work to take longer than 3 hours, but has requested extra time as a precautionary measure.

Woodwinds 2014-2015 Audit Posted

Goldklang & Group’s independent audit of Woodwinds financial statements have been posted.  Please see Documents, Financial Reports to download the report.